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2022 best nightlife Bars in Zurich

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Since June 2020 after the reopening, the nightlife in Zurich has changed. Here are some places or events where you will have a fun night out in Zurich!

Pub Crawl Zurich

It's a pub tour of a group about 20-30 people. The average age of the participants is 25-35 years, mostly expats living in Zurich and some locals. The tour ends around midnight at the last pub where you can party with the other participants till 3 am. There is a DJ with a dance floor. The tour is taking place every Saturday at 9 pm. Come alone or with your friends and spend the night as a group.

More information:

Nelson Pub

A very nice Irish Pub with a DJ and dance floor next to the Zurich main station.

Lady Hamilton

Another nice Irish Pub. The dance floor is a bit bigger than in Nelson Pub. As well in this Pub is a DJ on spot and there a wide comfortable lounges to chill.

Paddy Reilly's

For special events like Halloween, St. Patrick's Day or Christmas it's always amazingly decorated.

Mc Gee's Irish Pub

Events like Karaoke or quiz nights are hosted there. During warm weather there is an outside veranda to sit.

Papa Joe's

Caribbean bar with good cocktails and nice atmosphere. They have Dj's on Saturdays.

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