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What is a bar hopping Tour?

A bar hopping tour is a social activity where participants visit multiple bars, pubs, or similar establishments in a single night. The main objective of a bar hopping tour is to experience different atmospheres, drinks, and social interactions at various drinking establishments in a specific area. It's a popular activity among groups of friends, tourists, or people looking to meet new people in a fun and casual setting.

During a bar hopping tour, participants typically follow a pre-planned route or itinerary that includes several bars within walking distance of each other. The group spends a certain amount of time at each bar before moving on to the next one. Some bar hopping tours may have a theme or focus on specific types of drinks, such as cocktails, craft beers, or local specialties.

Bar hopping tours are often organized by companies, tour operators, or even individuals for special occasions like birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or team-building events. These tours can take place in various cities and neighborhoods, and they provide participants with a chance to explore the nightlife scene, try different drinks, and enjoy the social aspect of spending time with others in a lively and entertaining setting.

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