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7 ways to meet new people and make friends in Zurich

Updated: Mar 13

Do you want to meet new people in Zurich? It is not always easy to socialize, especially when you are moving here and don't know anyone. Here is our guide on where to quickly get into a social network.

1. Language Exchange -> to meet other expats and locals

It's for everybody who is interested to practice his / her foreign language skills or for those that just meet different people in a chilled out bar setting. Every Saturday, the group gathers from 8-10 PM at 2. AKT. Try it out!

2. Pub Crawl Zurich -> many expats are coming to this event

It's happening every Saturday night and a group of 30 -40 people are coming together to do a pub and party tour. The Host will take you and fellow participants to a mix of bars, pubs and clubbing venues, where you can meet new outgoing friends. There are different Pub Crawl editions ranging from Karaoke to Beer Pong or Clubbing night. Thanks to the change of locations you have the possibility to interact with a wide variety of people. Tickets can be bought online:

3. Dance classes

In Zurich, there are various dance schools that you can subscribe and attend to. In Switzerland, when you sign up for a class you usually attend the class with the same people for several weeks until you reach the next level. That make it easy to interact with each other as you see the same people each week. We recommend you to come early to the classes, in order to have more time to talk to the other participants before the classes start. You will have another opportunity during the breaks at the end of the classes. Often the dance school will organize some dance evenings where you will see other participants again.

4. Sports clubs -> especially good if you like to interact with locals

Every village has its own sport club. In German it's called " Turnverein" and in French "Association de sport". There are different sections. The most common ones for adults are in German "Damenturnverein" and "Herrenturnverein". Men and women are split and are attending a separate training. But they usually organize as well some events together during the year. The training is a wide variety and depends on the members and leaders. It's possible that you change sport type each week ranging from soccer, volleyball, workouts, jogging and much more. 3-4 times a year there will be the possibility to spend a weekend together. It can be a hike, ski weekend, bike tour or something else. But for sure something sportive.

5. Music groups -> it is as well for people who like to interact with localsmmm

Its for everybody who is able to play a wind instrument like trumpet, clarinet, tuba or other. Almost every village has a music group which plays at special events for the village. For example if the sport club has an important competition, some national holidays or visit of important politicians in German you can find them under the name "Musikgesellschaft"

6. Guggenmusic -> to interact with locals

This is for people who like to play a wind instrument or drums and like to party. It's not a must to be a professional, but the training sessions are regularly. The intensive months are at January and February. You will play on the streets in the early morning and at many masked ball at night during the carnival time. Not every region in Switzerland is celebrating carneval. But you can find the groups under Guggenmusik and the name of the region you would like to play. Carneval in Switzerland is called "Fasnacht".

7. Meetup

On this platfrom many events for expats in Zurich are posted. You can see the different groups that are available and each group would organize different types of events. There are lady meetup's, hiking meetups, socializing meetups and many more.

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